Date: 2016

Materials: various fabrics, cotton, synthetic

Format: 75 x 130 cm

30 different colours and materials of blue fabrics and 15 different orange / yellow fabrics are teared up in more than 2000 small pieces of 8 x 2,5 cm and stitched on a padded ground. 

Some larger pieces of fabrics are sewed on a shrinking ground which allows forming waves and bubbles. All pieces are put together to form lines, curves or rounded centres which should symbolize the different significations of these two complementary colours.

Some significations are printed on three greyish stripes sewed among the four parts of the work. Nearly 50 % of the fabrics are dyed by me.

These two techniques « Garret » were taught by Chiaki Dosho (Japan) during the European Patchwork meeting in Ste-Marie-aux-Mines /France in 2013.

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