” Indigenous people “

Date: 2020

Materials: various textiles, beads

Format: 82 x 124 cm

Traditional patchwork

Some fabrics are dyed and/or printed by hand by the artist.

In order to respect the original technique of the Aborigines, some lines are not straight and some circles are not centred.

To make the small stitches often used by the aborigines in their paintings, part of the painting was covered with several layers of organza, quilted in small circles, cut out and the organza was melted with a scraper. Otherwise wooden perles are used to give the same impression.


The Aborigines are still considered by many of us to be a savage tribe.

Travelling to Australia I was impressed by the paintings created by this tribe.

Their extremely vivid colours, the very simple forms expressing a strong liveliness and their ties to the country, to the land – their origin.

“Contemporary Aboriginal artists are still influenced by their traditional culture. Art is a key element in Aboriginal culture. It is always linked to a territory (itinerary, site, cave, water point…).

Aboriginal works often evoke the dream time which relates the myth of Creation according to their culture. These forms of artistic expression then come to join the enormous reservoir of inspiration.

Today the Aborigines use acrylic paint on canvas. “(Wikipedia)

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