“Opposites I”

Date: 2019

Materials: polyethylene sheeting, peach yarn, palm bark, fleece, cotton

Format: 80 x 120 cm

This work is designed and made to eventually participate in the “Carrefour Européen du Patchwork” competition in Ste Marie aux Mines in September 2019 – Theme : « Opposition »

Walking in the city of Menton, I saw the bark of a palm tree separating from the trunk. Fascinated by the beauty of the natural weave, so regular, I developed the idea of putting it in opposition to a synthetic weave, not at all natural and less regular.

20 m2 of a polyethylene tarpaulin (furniture cover) was cut into strips of different widths. Fishing line was used as warp thread and the tarpaulin strips as weft. The bark is superimposed. The whole thing is sewn onto a molton background. Horizontal quilting was necessary to hold the weft strips in their places, which slipped over the fishing line.

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