“Princess Cut”

Date: 2019

Materials: shiny synthetic fabrics

Format: 50 x 50 cm

The series was designed and made to take part in the French patchwork competition on the theme of “RUBY”.

When you think about the theme “Ruby”, the different ways of cutting gemstones to give them more brilliance naturally go through your mind. The “princess cut” with its many small, differently shaped surfaces seemed best suited to represent the beauty of a ruby.

To create the “ground fabric”, strips and triangles of different, preferably shiny, red fabrics were sewn together. These irregularly “striped” rectangles were cut into triangles, trying to combine as many different types of fabric as possible into one triangle. These triangles were joined together to represent polished faces of a princess cut stone. Stitching was done with invisible, transparent thread along the seams.

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